CrossFit Group Classes or Workout of the Day

Our CrossFit group classes or Workout of the Day "WOD" are always led by one or two of our certified coaches. These classes provide you with a positive, motivating, and challenging atmosphere, so you not only improve your overall health and fitness, but you do so while enjoying yourself. Through the constantly varied combination of weightlifting movements, gymnastics or bodyweight exercises, and metabolic conditioning or "cardio" each class encompasses an intense workout that leaves you feeling accomplished. These workouts can be challenging, but they are for all types of fitness levels, so this means you can do it. Every workout, exercise, or movement we utilize has a substitution and can be scaled/modified to meet your physical abilities, cater to any limitation, or previous injuries you might have. Our job, as coaches, is to support and assist you through the WOD, so you feel comfortable and capable of attaining your fitness goals.


1 Month Unlimited Classes - $190 (Automatic Payment)

1 Month Unlimited Classes - $200 (Non Auto-Pay)

3 Classes/Week - $165 (Automatic Payment)

10 Class Sessions (Expire after 1 year) - $220

Drop In - $25 (Cash Only)



Personal Training

Personal Training is available for athletes or individuals with specific training goals and/or wanting more individual attention.  Each session is 30 or 60 minutes and is customized with your specific goals in mind.  These sessions are also scheduled at your convenience.


5 (1 hour) Personal Training Sessions  - $450

10 (1 hour) Personal Training Sessions - $800

20 (1 hour) Personal Training Sessions - $1,400

5 (30 minute) Personal Training Sessions - $285

10 (30 minute) Personal Training Sessions - $500

20 (30 minute) Personal Training Sessions - $875

*All Personal Training Sessions must be paid in full prior to starting.