Video Gallery

CrossFit - Have to be Fit to do CrossFit?

CrossFit - Let me tell you about CrossFit

CrossFit - What is CrossFit?

CrossFit 101 - How do I get stronger?

CrossFit 102 - Heavy or Light Weight

Deadlift (Barbell)

Eccentric Ankle Dorsiflexion

Good Mornings

Hamstring Curls W/Box

Hand Release or HR Pushups

Hanging Hip Tap

In and Outs

Kettlebell Snatch

Kossacks or Kossack Squats

Lateral Banded Step Overs

Lateral Box Step Up

Lower Back Mobility

Overhead Squats

Pistol or Single Leg Squat Scale

Pull Apart (Banded)

Pushup Shoulder Taps

Pushup T or Shoulder T

Reverse Boat

Roll Out (Barbell)

Single Arm (1 Arm) High Pull

Single Arm (1 Arm) Overhead Carry

Single Leg Deadlift

Single Leg Plyo Jump

Snatch (Burgener) Warmup

Spinal Balancing or Bird Dogs

Squat Press Outs

Strict Dips

Strict Pullups

Sumo Inch Worms